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Weaverville Chiropractor Dr. Chris Thompson, DC performs gentle yet
effective chiropractic care in Weaverville, North Asheville, Woodfin, Mars Hill, and all of the local area.

Chiropractic Solutions You Can Trust.

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He is a member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association. He has served as President of the Western District of North Carolina Chiropractic Association as well as the Blue Ridge Chiropractic Association.

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Read more about what our clients have to say about their treatments with the Weaverville Chiropractor.

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Learn more about Dr.Chris, his experiences and his approach as a Chiropractor with a home practice in Weaverville, North Carolina.

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Our Services.

Dr. Thompson handles far more than just back pain chiropractic, offering a full range of family chiropractic and wellness service.

Chiropractic Services

• Low Force Chiropractic Using a Drop table
• Spinal Decompression Traction (lower back)
• Flexion/Distraction (lower back)
• Extremity Adjusting (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, foot)
• Activator Methods (full spine)
• Cervical & Lumbar Traction
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation
• Graston Technique (Myofascial Release)
• Active Muscle Release
• Trigger Point Therapy

Exercise Rehabilitation

• Abdominal Core Strengthening
• Spinal Stabilization
• Gym Ball Exercises
• Postural Correction
• General Muscle Strengthening & Conditioning


We use vitamins to help regulate organ systems that have become dysfunctional. Our product of choice is Standard Process, but we also use DeeCee labs and Biotics. Vitamin imbalances occurs when patients have chronic health conditions supplementing the deficiency them helps bring nutritional levels back to a normal range which in turn allows the organ system to better. when you come in ask about what we could do for you.

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