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Weaverville Chiropractor is Dr. Chris Thompson’s at-home chiropractic and exercise rehabilitation practice proudly serving Weaverville and the surrounding areas. We specialize in pain relief, increasing range of motion, improving your ability to function in your environment, alleviating muscle spasms, and giving you a better understanding of your physiology.

About Dr. Chris

Has been practicing in Weaverville for over 20 years.

Chiropractic Services

Far more than just back pain, we offer a full range of family chiropractic and wellness services.

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Excercise Therapy

Optimize your athleticism and recover from workouts faster with a skilled professional

More Than Just
a Neck and Back Chiropractor

Dr. Chris Thompson, DC delivers high quality, holistic family chiropractic treatment with a wide range of chiropractic services, from traditional chiropractic care to Graston myofascial release, physical therapy, active rehabilitation techniques, and nutritional consultations.

A Weaverville resident for 20 years, local chiropractor Dr. Chris Thompson goes beyond traditional back pain chiropractic, delivering relief from sciatica, headaches, neck and arm pain, shoulder pain (such as rotator cuff injuries), plantar fasciitis, and more, without need for surgery or drugs.

Dr. Thompson’s main goal for his chiropractic office is “to reduce pain, increase range of motion, improve people’s ability to function in their environment, alleviate muscle spasms, and give patients a better understanding of their physiology.”

Your First Visit with Weaverville Chiropractor

On your first visit we take a history to find out nature of your problem. We need to know what you have and have not done to get it resolved. This stage in the introduction process allows me to curate a plan suited to the exact needs of your pain so that we can choose the best methods to give you relief.

Health History

Your time is valuable. Your health even more so. By learning your health history, we can effectively and accurately diagnose and treat your pain.


Prior to the consultation the doctor will review your case history. During the consultation the Doctor will ask you a number of questions regarding the history of your condition, other Doctors you may have seen and your current symptoms


Our intention is to treat your body as a whole, not just the symptom. During this process, we determine the root cause of your pain.

Diagnostic Imaging

These images can help reveal pathologies, document the history of your spinal health, and guide your doctor in creating a care program based on your unique spinal condition.

Health Exam Review

We review the results of your health exam. If necessary, we recommend an easy-to-follow plan to reduce pain and improve your longterm health.

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